Telepass Italia

Telepass Italia

Telepass provides the Telepass Italia service that allows electronic payment of tolls on the Italian motorway network. As for TIS-PL in France, the clients have access to invoices and services online through Telepass Club on the Telepass website.

Choosing Telepass Italia service means choosing:

Expertise, take advantage of the experience of the Italian market leader that invented electronic toll collection and which now has over 5,7 million satisfied customers.

Simplicity, travel on toll roads without paying more or wasting time: you never have to stop at barriers.

Cost-effectiveness, enjoy rewards, free assistance and exclusive discounts for the road transport sector with the Premium Truck option. Companies within the European community are also eligible for compensatory reductions in tolls from the Italian Ministry of Transport (for companies registered in the National Electronic Register).

The Telepass Italia service is available with a Viacard contract with Telepass.