Our offer

As the original creator and installer of the Electronic Toll Collection system, Telepass offers you premium quality service and advantageous benefits to simplify your travels in Europe.

  • TIS-PL
    The Electronic toll collection service TIS-PL allows you to pay the French motorway network. It is aimed at heavy goods vehicles or coaches with a maximum authorised mass of more than 3.5 tons and vehicles that carry more than 9 people (driver +8).
  • Liefkenshoek tunnel
    Thank to this service you can easly access the Liefkenshoek tunnel in Belgium.
  • VIA-T
    VIA-T service allows heavy vehicles (over 3.5 tonnes) to pay tolls on motorways and in tunnels in Spain. It includes 29 Spanish toll companies and covers more than 4,000 km of highways and tunnels. Telepass customers who subscribe to the VIA-T (Spanish + Portugal) tolling service will also be able to pay their tolls on over 1,700 km of Portuguese motorways
  • Value added service
    To assist transport companies to manage e-toll payments and Transit Toll, and also to help them optimise their business, Telepass has set up a selection of included or additional services and technologies, ranging from fleet management to cost planning, with roadside assistance and SOS fines in between.
  • Telepass Italia
    The Telepass Italia service allows you to pay tolls electronically on the Italian motorway network.
  • Telepass SAM Poland
    The Telepass offer in Poland – now limited to the Krakow–Katowice stretch.
  • Car parks
    To protect your goods, Telepass offers easy access to approved guarded car parks in France.


  • Telepass EU
    The Telepass EU is interoperable with national and international road toll systems. This OBU allows you to pay toll charges in France (TIS-PL), Belgium (Liefkenshoek Tunnel), Spain and Portugal (VIA-T).
  • Telepass ITALIA
    The Telepass ITALIA is a device equipped with the DSRC technology. This OBU allows you to pay toll charges in Italy.